The annals of hardcore are littered with passionate bands who remained obscure, screaming their fury into an altogether uncaring night. For us, as both listeners and journalists, all that remains is to capture as many of those cries as we can and amplify them into the world. Thus, it is our express pleasure to premiere “Overlooked/Disregarded” from an up and coming band called Une Misère. Trading in the fine lines between deathcore and hardcore, these intensely powerful ensemble utilize both aggression and taut introspection to deliver their message. Head on down below to catch their newly released video for the track!


The monochrome styling of the the track delivers the message of urban neglect and loneliness that all modern hardcore seem to be infused with. Beyond its suicidal and morose aesthetics, it harmonizes well with the dual nature of the music itself. The track is split up into two parts, with the first and the last being of the same sort: slow, sludgy hardcore that borders on the realms of post metal. In the middle is a much faster, more punk infused passage, which also features haltingly abrasive moments of pure static. To these the video reacts as it only can, with the white noise and breaking of image that such static noises conjure.

All in all, “Overlooked/Disregarded” is a powerful hardcore venture that, when coupled with the video, presents a whole package both musically and aesthetically. You’d do well to keep an eye out for these guys; we hope their voice rings loud and true in the future. In the meantime, go over to their Facebook page and their Bandcamp page to stay abreast of their endeavors.


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