Last week, I told you all about the interesting tensions which make up Hollow Earth‘s Dead Planet. This expansive and powerful album, resting on a strongly fleshed out science fiction concept, channels the dynamic between metalcore and stoner metal. However, as with any review, I couldn’t tell you about every single thing which makes this album cool. Therefore, I’m exceedingly pleased to be premiering “Convergence In Recollection”, since it has some of my favorite moments from the album. It’s a perfect example of the metalcore stylings of the vocals clashing with the slower, sludgier instruments, while wrapped in the odd, superimposed production. Let’s start by sending you down below to get your stream on; see you after the fact for more thoughts!

Where to start? So much goodness is crammed into these slightly more than three minutes. Perhaps worthy of their own prominence and pride of place are the insanely cool synths that play throughout the track’s verses. They add a theatrical and grandiose element which you wouldn’t think to find in such a modern sounding album, hinting once again at the genius production that ushers this album into fruition. Second in line is the immensely powerful breakdown on one minute and forty five seconds, classically ushered in by a quieter mid-section. This breakdown is motivated first by the vocals but secondly by the crashing chords which the guitars play. Their interaction is Dead Planet in a nutshell, a convincing marriage of two disparate styles.

You can’t hear it here but it also melds perfectly into the next track, as this one fades near the end. In this, “Convergence in Recollection” also hints at the solid structure the album has and the way it ushers you from peak to peak. You should be all buttered up now, so why don’t you head on over here to pre-order this monstrously amazing album, will you? It sees release on the 2nd of December via Good Fight Music, which is just around the corner. See you in space.


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