While some subgenres of heavy music seem to fit better and have more of an impact on the listener during certain times of the year, there’s simply never a bad or inopportune time to throw on some sludge metal and envelop oneself in a sea of fuzz. Even though bands have been tipping their hats to the likes of Tony Iommi and Matt Pike for decades now, it almost always feels refreshing to hear a band casting aside their proclivities for dense orchestration and simply just rocking the fuck out. That’s where Florida’s Junior Bruce comes in. These swamp-dwelling riffmeisters are back with their second LP, Endless Descent, and if it doesn’t make you want to crack open a can of whatever beer is nearest to you and bang your head, nothing will.

The band’s new single for the record, entitled “Lion’s Teeth,” is a decidedly faster affair than some of their peers, but it’s still just as menacing as just about anything you could find on the last Eyehategod record. Sure, it owes a hell of a lot to High on Fire and the swing-influenced drumming from North Carolina’s Weedeater, but it’s a track that still stands well enough on its own and sports an incredibly passionate vocal performance from frontman Scott Angelacos. Everything about “Lion’s Teeth” is gritty and downright dirty, but it’s immediately accessible and would serve as killer background music to the next evening of debauchery you and your metal-loving friends have planned.

Endless Descent is coming out this Halloween on A389 Recordings, so make sure you get it in time to blast in your house when some unsuspecting children knock on your door. You’ll be thankful that you did.



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