I haven’t done one of these types of posts in a while, so bear with me. I recently was shown this band by a friend of mine, and I just had to share them with you guys. They go by the name Possessor, and they’re from the UK. They play some really great fuzzy, spaced-out, riff-centric heavy metal. Check it out below to see what I mean, because quite frankly it’s hard to explain them without showing someone an example.

The stuff here is quality, good old fashioned heavy metal. It’s really no frills as well, save for the cool samples they put atop their songs from time to time. The band was described to me as a “thrashy horror doom / fuzzed out” metal band, and I think it’s quite funny that even the person who sent them my way had trouble describing them! Picture Black Sabbath, but sped up, with fuzzy production and some Atlanta-style sludge metal thrown in for good measure. That’s about as close to a proper description as I can get.

After digging more into the band’s back catalogue, it becomes quickly evident that the band has been making quality music for a little while now. It’s all been based around the same type of sound as well, which is awesome, because each record shows an evolution of the band’s core “sound”, which is key to being a successful band that will resonate with fans. After all, bands that don’t evolve and remain consistent end up becoming boring and outdated.

The band just released Dead By Dawn in a limited run of 200 via Graven Earth Records, so be sure to grab it!! Also check out the rest of their Bandcamp to catch up on all the killer stuff they have released already!


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