Hardcore will never die. It’s just a fact. While it may never be the same as it was in the beginning of its tenure in the music scene, it will never stop. There are just too many bands determined to do great things in the genre, and too many solid acts to keep it from ending. Such is the case with Vorvaň, a band that I previously had absolutely zero knowledge of that has quickly become one of my favorite up-and-coming hardcore acts. Their upcoming record Once Love Was Lost is absolutely fantastic, and to give you a little taste, we’re pleased to bring you the new video for “When Serpent Strikes First”. Check it out!

It’s great when young bands simply burst onto the scene and surprise me, but it’s even better when a band simply puts out a quality release with little to no hype, and it really excites me. These guys just happened to do the latter. These Russians really seem to root their sound in the Massachusetts hardcore scene, and I think it’s very smart to do so. The sound is so unique to that area and really helped lay the groundwork for tons of acts to follow them. This entire album, front to back, is heavy and brutal as it can be. This is the band being uncompromisingly heavy, asserting their dominance in a scene that really didn’t know about them, and I love it. I’m so excited for these guys, and think you should pay attention to them. They’re going to blow up. Be sure to hit up their Facebook and Bandcamp for more!


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