Stop sharing those try hard Nihilism memes (guilty) and pay attention. The twenty minutes of music available from Vermin Womb is hot to trot and ready to fuck your soul back into the ether. Grinding and bellowing out of Denver (the US capital of grind?), Primitive Man‘s Ethan McCarthy spearheads another trio of life plunderers. Unlike the Man, Vermin Womb don’t do slow. Nah. They do full tilt, blasting death and grind. The sort of music that even your closest metal friends will still refer to as “just noise”. Fuck those friends. They don’t know a thing.

The debut EP from Vermin Womb is perverse and disgusting in it’s delivery. Oozing feedback, distortion and tortured vocals, Permanence is straight to the point. The only room for air on this record comes in the split seconds between tracks; that is if you can breath through the weed and death smog. As bleak as they get, each track delivers everything and nothing. McCarthy’s work with Primitive Man may be crushing and life threatening but this just steamrolls through any ambivalence. New track “Entomb” — available to stream now on CVLT NATION — only reinforces this already oppressive force.

Premiere Streaming: VERMIN WOMB “Entomb”

The booming dirge of Primitive Man manifests itself in a much sharper form. It’s a grind assault with the lowest of low ends, with not one static moment. It’s A to Z but at a pace that rings you through all hell and back before the track crashes out. It’s volume torture and it’s fantastic. Grind fans should embrace the crushing blasts and gut churning bass tone. No respite. No reason for it either. This would be my pick on the Heavy Blog Is Heavy work commute playlist for sure.

Vermin Womb release “Entomb” as part of their next deluge of misery Decline. It drops soon and the band are hitting out a sick Cvlt Nation tour with a veritable fuck load of sick acts. Theories, Wake, Immortal Bird and Gadget. I am sick I can’t make these shows. If you can, please go and grind for me. Grind so hard you turn your worthless bones into even more worthless dust.

If you like “Entomb“, catch-up by (re?)visiting their 2014 effort Permanence via the Bandcamp Player below.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3895013072 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false artwork=small]


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