No, the title is not calling this stream useless. In fact, Useless is the name of a fantastic black metal band that create some of the most unholy and disgustingly heavy black metal in the scene today. I won’t spare you any more details right now, so go give the entire album a listen after the jump!

Everything about this record screams black metal, literally and figuratively. Ihasan Art worked on the album cover, and the album is five tracks of pure hatred and somberness. It’s a great example of modern black metal with no frills attached to it. From beginning to end, the record serves one purpose: to incite fear and be the most brutal thing you hear. It’s also recorded in an extremely lo-fi setting, which only adds to the trve kvlt nature of this record. It’s not one to sleep on, especially if you like straight up black metal. The new album drops September 2, so pick it up! Also be sure to check out the band’s label Third Eye Temple for more great metal, and hit up their Facebook to get the album!



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