Sweden must have something special in their water, because they constantly gift the rest of the world with some great metal bands. Moloken are one of those bands, and are one that I am fairly new to. My friend and our writer Matt showed them to me, and they caught my attention immediately. Today we have the pleasure of presenting their new video for “The Beginning Of The End”, which you can check below!

This song is the closing track for their latest record, All Is Left To See, which is a banger of a record. It’s like a great combination of sludge, black metal, and post-metal. Picture The Ocean mixing with Shining (the Swedish one) and you have this record. It’s fantastic. However, this track is the lone wolf of the album. It’s ambient, it’s instrumental, and it’s super moody. This song, coupled with some footage from the late 1960s, is a perfect way to end the record. It’s bleak, broken. It’s damaged in every way but it’s so perfect in the way that it works. The guitar mesh perfectly with the violins to create some beautiful atmosphere, and at the end, it still feels like there could be more to this story. Seriously, check these guys out. Be sure to check out the band’s Facebook and Bandcamp for more!


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