Grindcore is something that we haven’t really covered on here when it comes to premieres. This is probably because most grindcore bands opt to go with “heavier” metal sites that cater specifically to the more extreme side of metal. Lucky for us, however, Six-Score have called upon us to host their newest single off their upcoming record, Lebensräumewhich is due out in October. Check out “Bad To Worse” below!

I love grindcore with some balls and a vision. This song is obviously politically and emotionally charged, as made evident by the opening monologue given that discusses the likes of starving children. This stuff is pissed off and angry, and it’s filled with great riffs and just makes me want to start a huge circle pit and go crazy. This band’s back catalogue is equally as good, as it would behoove you to check it out. Be sure to check out their Facebook for upcoming tour dates, and give their Bandcamp a look to get the rest of their catalogue!


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