One of the greatest things about going out and supporting your local scene is discovering cool little bands that you had never heard of before, and that’s exactly what I found with LUNG. Are you looking for some great hard rock to sing along to in the car, or to just chill out with on a nice summer’s day? If so then look no further than LUNG’s 2013 EP Parasympathy, with the Melbourne, Australia quintet offering something for both those needing to rock out and those chasing some quiet reflection.

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Don’t expect any mind-boggling technicality here, just nice, big riffs with melodic clean vocals typical of alternative rock. When the song calls for it vocalist Liam Burke delivers pained harsh vocals with aplomb, offering an added versatility to the band’s sound. Whilst the guitars and, in particular, the catchy vocals are the centre of attention, one must not understate the importance of the rhythm section. The bass is prominent in the mix, and they’ve found a bass tone which complements the band’s sound well. In particular, “No Restraint” has some great bass lines which are the highlight of the first few sections of the track. Throughout the EP the drumming is interesting enough to ensure that, regardless of which instrument listener’s pay close attention to, they will find something they enjoy. Follow the band on Facebook and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for a full length.


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