Happy Hump Day everybody! It’s time for another awesome premiere. This time, it’s from a great hardcore band that goes by the name of Mine Collapse. They have a new EP set to drop this Friday, and it’s a straight banger. I’m not going to bore you with descriptions, so let’s just get right into it. They’ve chosen us to host the full stream of their EP below, so check it out!

This EP is ridiculously awesome. It’s like a combo of hardcore with some post(-) stuff thrown in. The vocals are like classic hardcore style a la Modern Life Is War but the music is very rich with detail and has some great depth to it. This Chicago act has impressed me thoroughly with such a strong release, and this is going to make me check out more of their stuff once I find it, as well as making me check them out live if they ever swing by. Seriously, this release is killer and you’d be silly to miss out. Be sure to check out the band on Facebook and pick up the EP when it drops this Friday here!


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