EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: We Have The Guts To Premiere This New Album!

It’s Friday, and that means that you all are getting ready to thrown down and party all weekend. At least someone is, because unfortunately I’ll be stuck closing every night this weekend, which is a major bummer. However, late at night I get to put headphones in while I work, so I get to at least enjoy some great music. Today, however, I have something brand new to enjoy. It’s the new record from The Guts called Birth, and we have the absolute pleasure of streaming it for you below!

This album is chaos in progress, and I love it. This album has tinges of classic chaotic hardcore such as Dillinger Escape Plan as well as a nuanced take on modern mathcore, which I think works really well. From start to finish, this EP is guaranteed to make you want to throw stuff around and mosh until you pass out from exhaustion (or simply get punched in the nose). This group is made up of two separate groups of people, combining former member of edityourhometown and Bastard Eye Scream. These individuals came together with one goal in mind: to rock the hell out. Be sure to give this album many listens, because it really deserves it! Birth drops next Friday, so be sure to preorder it!


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