A big part of this premiering gig that I’m fortunate enough to have is that I always take recommendations every day. I get emails all the time asking us to premiere stuff, or at least to listen to stuff, and I normally find a lot of stuff that I enjoy. However, sometimes I find stuff that’s super awesome purely based on something like their name or their album art. Tardive Dyskinesia have both a very interesting name and some awesome album artwork for their upcoming 4th full length album Harmonic Confusion, but today I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to premiere a brand spankin’ new track, titled “Thread Of Life”, which you can hear after the jump!

This stuff is really cool. It’s got tinges of progressive metal in it, along with melodeath and metalcore. The song is chock full of intricate guitar leads, and some really cool harmonies. There’s also some heavy breakdown-type riffs within the song, which add that extra punch to the gut to really make the song end up on another level of heaviness. This album is going to be a banger for sure, and I absolutely cannot wait for it to drop in September! Be sure to follow the band on Facebook for more news about the new record, and be sure to preorder it here!


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  1. karlo

    agree that there are hints of prog metal to be found, but i wouldnt call it melodeath or metalcore. sounds like sludge through and through. solid track


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