Hardcore has always been a very fickle genre of music to listen to and describe. It has become overrun with so many different influences that nowadays it’s pretty difficult to discern what is hardcore and what is considered something else. While we should not get into technicalities, No Vale Nada definitely fit into the former category, and they have a way to prove it. Demain is an album that the band is using to make it known that they think the hardcore scene is theirs for the taking, and they’re on to something.

This album has tons of influences on it. Everywhere, you can hear bit and pieces of Converge, Deftones, and even some Mayhem and other black metal influences. The song “L’éloge Du Sens”, for example, sounds like it could have been taken off a black metal album, not only because of the music, but also because of the vocal delivery. You can hear true strain in the singer’s voice, as if his vocal chords are literally shredding at the very moment he opens his mouth. Then you go straight into a song like “L’impasse” and it goes back to straight up Converge-sounding hardcore music. It’s crazy how such a young band was able to infuse their sound with so many different influences so well.

After many listens, however, it does begin to feel like the band is still experimenting to find their sound. While there are a ton of different influences on this record, and they all work well individually, as a whole unit they kind of fall flat. It’s not because the music is bad; rather, it’s because you begin to wonder what kind of record you’re listening to. It bounces back and forth from one type of hardcore to another, with songs taking on lives of their own. It’s great as a collection of standalone songs, but the lack of cohesion here really begins to do some wear on the ears and the head after a while. However, this is simply the band learning to evolve, so this can always be a positive thing for them to take in. Once they begin to throttle back and settle into their sound, they’ll make a really great album that can stand alongside the likes of their favorite acts from the hardcore scene.

At the end of the day, we have a really fun hardcore album that has many promising signs of future evolution. Right now, the band needs to focus on honing their sound to fit a specific niche, because while they take influence from all over, at times it can get a bit erratic and a bit miscalculated. However, the band has a very bright future ahead of them, and it should be put on the record that in a few years, these guys will be everywhere. They’re young, talented, and full of promise, and they’re ready to deliver.

No Vale Nada – Demain gets…



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