At this point, it’s common knowledge that Long Island (well, New York in general) is the home of some of the best bands (we know, we know, this is all subjective, but you can’t deny that some damn good bands have started on this island alone). Watching bands grow here is a wonderful thing, and what better way to flaunt our successes than have a small gig showing what Long Island has to offer, at one of our most popular venues, Amityville Music Hall? Opening the show was Jukai. For the last 4 or 5 years, Jukai have been grinding and grinding so much, that they even got to perform at Florida’s FYA fest this past January. The future definitely seems bright for them. Following was Johnny Booth, another band who has been grinding the last few years, especially with a new album in the works. A good addition to the lineup, due to their balance of metalcore, prog, and whatever “alternative” style you would consider them. Lastly, one of the most successful bands from Long Island, Stray From The Path. From playing small shows, to doing big, extensive tours, Stray From The Path, acknowledge that Long Island’s scene is majority of the reason as to why they are as big as they are today. And what other way to show gratitude than to play a small, intimate show? Between the band’s energy and the crowd’s energy, it was a perfect representation of what Long Island’s tight-knit music scene is all about. Enjoy the photos below!

Stray From the Path

Johnny Booth


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