Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016, a blast of hardcore, noise and punk ensued in New York City’s own Webster Hall. Opening the show was Eternal Sleep, who just released their new album, The Emptiness Of, brought the metallic hardcore jams for the night. Following was God’s Hate. God’s Hate, although heavy, were sort of the segue/interlude band from hardcore to the noise carnage that was going to roll through New York City. Following was Full Of Hell, and they’re just a band you can never get tired of seeing. If you’re not used to harsh noise in your music and rattling your brain, then you’re in luck because that’s going to change very quickly. If you have the opportunity to see Full Of Hell (which is basically always, dammit), definitely go. Lastly, Nails playing their first New York City (more specifically, Manhattan) show, in support of their newest album, You Will Never Be One Of Us. Nails have been riding the wave of success ever since signing with Nuclear Blast, and have been grinding nonstop, promoting the album, playing shows behind it, etc. If they weren’t already one of your favorite heavy and fast bands, now they are. Enjoy the photos below!


Full of Hell

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