I rarely seem to take any time off from listening to new bands. In fact, my current computer has roughly 30 tabs open, all with new artists that I either need to check out or need to buy stuff from when I get the money. It’s a great problem to have, because at the end of the day, I always find at least one band worth listening to at length. Mindscar is a band that was shown to me that I enjoyed quite a bit, so fortunately for us we get to host a brand new video for their song “When The Soul Dies”. Check it out!


This song kicks ass. It’s a great combination of tech death, old school death metal, and some new proggy elements that keep it interesting. The vocals creep into black metal territory at time, and the drums sound like they came straight off of a Defeated Sanity record. The tones here are unbelievable and the groove is undeniable. This song is proof why you need to check out this band. These dudes have been ripping it up for a bit now and it’s nice to see them finally find their niche, and be well on their way to reaching their full potential. Be sure to follow the band’s Facebook for more!


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