Instrumental music is extremely finnicky. It can have so many good parts to it but just as many bad, and for the most part many albums become hit or miss for me. I tend to lean more towards progressive instrumental music because it keeps things interesting, but I do love my instrumental music of the post-metal/rock variety. Sisters Of. are a band that play some pretty cool instrumental music, and they’ve chosen us to host a new single from them, which you can stream below!

“Adulescentia” goes back and forth from post-rock to some sludge metal and even into prog at times. It’s a really cool track that should be listened to as loud as possible. It almost sounds reminiscent of Pelagial by The Ocean, particularly the 2 minute mark where this really cool riff comes in that sounds heavy as hell. It’s pretty cool to see this band, who I’ve never listened to prior, mix all kinds of elements together to create a really interesting, heavy, and emotional piece. I’m definitely going to look into these guys more, because these are one band you should definitely know about (and they’re from Kansas City, which hosts bands we’ve covered multiple times before, so props to your music scene!). Be sure to follow the band on Facebook for more info about the new record!


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