Good friends of Heavy Blog: Verse Vica are in the process of writing and recording their second album as a follow-up to their 2014 endeavor, Endeavor!

The melodic death metal quintet from Asheville, NC are pooling their energies to craft another furious album, but we’re proud to offer you a taste of their hard work in “Psynergy”! Inspired by the Golden Sun series of games, “psynergy” is a portmanteau of “psychic energy,” the form of magic that flows throughout the world of the Golden Sun. The song below is inspired by the games, so it’s perfect for fans of the long-standing handheld RPGs!

Verse Vica’s Paul Meisner had this to say about the new song:

Writing and recording “Psynergy” was a very different process than with the music on our first album. The only people involved in creating Endeavor were myself and our vocalist Spencer [Brunkhorst]. Now we have a full band, so writing this song was the first step in moving towards a creative process that is more of a group effort. Everyone is pitching in ideas for album #2, so we can wait to show everyone more of where this new approach is taking us.

Good jam from a good friend! Looking forward to rocking Verse Vica’s second album in the near future! If “Psynergy” is telling of anything, it’s bound to rip.


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