Nothing is better than some really good stoner metal. I’m talking about songs that are great to smoke to, songs that sound as if they were plucked out of the desert, that you cut put on during a long drive across the barren wasteland and just rock the hell out. I love that kind of music, and I listen to it very often. Goatfather were advertised to me as a band that I would definitely enjoy and that sounds best stoned or sober, and after many listens, I’ve decided that this is true! They’ve chosen us to host the full album stream of their new album Hipster Fister, which you can check below!

Honestly if someone hadn’t told me this band was French I could have seen them coming out of the Palm Desert area of California. This stuff goes hard but in a very casual way. These guys are all clearly in love with their sound, and this specific sound, because they really put in the effort to make it work 100%. The production is fantastic, the music is killer, and the vocals are awesome. It’s everything and more you should want out of your music: good fun with a good dose of heaviness. Seriously, you should check this out and spread the word, because these guys deserve it. Be sure to follow the band’s Facebook and check out their Bandcamp to get their music!

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  1. Andy Z

    Sweet find. Goattess, King Goat and now Goatfather so far this year…weird.


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