It’s pretty rare to see a Canada only tour, but it means a lot for the all the bands involved when it is their first time in the country, or first time traveling it. Through the windows of a van between cities to small crowds and smaller venues, the whole ride is an intimate one.

Intimate is the key word that can be used to describe the show that The Algorithm put on. Playing fan favorites throughout his backlog and many off of this year’s amazing Brute Force, there was enough blip blip, wub wub, djent chugging rhythms, layered with sprinkles of melodic leads to please anybody.

To round out the show were Electronic-Metal bands Ev0lution from Vancouver, BC and Modern Day Babylon from Czech Republic. If you want a show that sounds like the soundtrack of Tron remixed by the robots from The Matrix feat. Periphery, this tour is for you.


Modern Day Babylon

The Algorithm

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