Not a big introduction to this one today. Just gonna lace up and boot these band suggestions down your throat with the minimum fuss and maximum effort. Going for a “core” roundup on this one because there’s nothing better than listening to harsh, rough around the edges music on a hot, swampy ass day. You feel me? Sweat running down the crack of your ass into the awful material of your ill advised chino shorts. Shirt stuck to your already crisp skin because you are an idiot who never wears sun protection. Etc. Here are a selection of some Brit acts that make perfect summer sounds for you to day drink to.

Lock & Key

Two step your way down to the park with a frisbee and/or the family dog and blast this hardcore mob loud and proud. Lock & Key flirt with melodic hardcore a la The Ghost Inside but draw primarily from straight up “core” life. A great range of vocal styles and performances (there are gang vocals, don’t worry) match up with some vibrant guitar riffs that have no right to be as catchy as this. Their most recent effort Peaceless is a beast of an album to rip through while the days get longer and the nights get violent. Yes, violent. Once you’re done with the frisbee and/or family dog, crack the cans and start a push pit in the middle of the park. Get everyone involved. It’ll be fun, I promise.

Corrupt Moral Altar

Because every list needs grindcore. Corrupt Moral Altar owe as much to Joy Division as they do Napalm Death. Their twisted grindings are married to some astute songwriting that mirrors the soulful crooning of Morrissey – if Morrissey grew his hair out and wore a battle jacket with a hundred Indonesian grind patches. The Liverpool group are definitely the best choice to stick on during a sweltering road trip with the family. Fuck The Beatles. Those floppy haired wankers are old news. Get with the picture and stick on Mechanical Tides. If you remember the UK hardcore band Johnny Truant then make a beeline straight for “Gin Dreams”. It’s a total summer banger – another one for the festival kids who spend the day drinking warm cider and hoping for a bit of a grope.

From Sorrow To Serenity

These Weegies now have a full time Englander on vocals and it’s exciting because the pipesmith in question did the shouties for Heavy Blog faves Nexilva. Hot on the back of the fantastic Remnant Of Humanity release, From Sorrow To Serenity are making a big fucking push and will be supporting Fit For An Autopsy in the UK. Finding reasons to throw in references to the weather with this lot has me stretched a bit thin. It’s too dark and groovy for the park and it’s maybe a bit too scary for the road trip with your gran and sugar encrusted siblings/small relatives. The road only gets bigger and scarier for these guys, but coming off a fantastic debut full length and with new talent up front these are a young Brit band that you should keep track off. Fail to do so and you’ll be missing out on the dank grooves and sweet booty.


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