Time and time again, you hear the infamous feud between the west coast and the east coast. “West coast has better rap/hip hop! ” “No! East coast does!” “West coast has better hardcore!” “No! East coast does.” Well, whenever a west coast hardcore band comes to the east coast (and vice versa), they always want the opposite coast to step up and prove them wrong. April 15th, 2016, Long Island had to prove that we have a stable hardcore scene to some west coast legends at our very own Amityville Music Hall. Opening the show was NYC Headhunters, who started the hardcore/punk feel of the night with fast songs that are under 2 minutes long, with a typical old school punk feel to them. Following was Barge, who have been on the rise in recent years, and they maintained the hardcore/punk feel, with a slight hint of power violence (though, some may argue otherwise). After Barge was Black Anvil, who brought the black metal/misanthropic atmosphere to the show. Although Black Anvil were sort of the odd band out, that doesn’t take away from how great the rest of the show was. In fact, it was a good idea to add some diversity to the label. Concluding the night was one of the most misanthropic, realest, scariest hardcore/punk/metal bands in recent times, NAILS. Debuting their first ever Long Island show, they threw a wave of hate and anger towards the crowd, and the crowd responded accordingly; there was plenty of chaos within the crowd, which to some, could be a good stress relieving mechanism. We hope NAILS come back to Long Island down the line, because this show took 5 or 6 years to finally happen, and it would be a shame if we had to wait another 5 or 6 years to see them here again. Enjoy the photos below!

NYC Headhunters


Black Anvil


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A recent graduate of Nassau Community College with an associates degree in liberal arts, Mark is currently a freelance photographer in the Long Island/New York City area (but travels frequently, especially if the job is worth it), and is constantly churning out riffs with his grindcore band, Blame God (who’s even playing with NAILS in March 2017). Aside from that, he is constantly searching for new bands to check out and attending/photographing shows.

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