Thrash metal can be a hit or miss. After having some huge bands basically take the genre by the throat, thrash can be considered to be a little exhausted in terms of new innovations.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t any new thrash bands out there that are doing cool things. Destroyer 666 released a pretty well-received album this year that uses bits of black metal pretty well (I didn’t particularly like it much, but, hey, that’s just me); Revocation has been just slaughtering with their last few albums that fuse thrash with elements of death metal. Skeletonwitch brings their own interpretation of blackened thrash as well, though it’s been a few years since their last album. (Hint hint, guys!)

But let’s get to this: Izegrim: a death/thrash band from the Netherlands, featuring the fantastic vocal talents of female singer Marloes Voskuil. Izegrim has been around for a few years now, with their latest (fifth) album The Ferryman’s End being released just a few weeks ago from the time of writing this article.

I’m just going to get to the point: The Ferryman’s End is fucking great. At this point in time it’s the best thrash metal album I’ve heard this year. Every song has enough thrash to keep it within its genre, but enough experimentation in death metal elements to make it interesting. And, seriously, Marloes Voskuil is an incredible vocalist that manages to bring both power and clarity to her screams and growls. Simply put: get this thing in your earholes as soon as possible.

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