Eight-string guitars, am I right? They’re lit, fam. You know what else is lit? This exclusive premiere from Boston-based Chuggernaut! They’re not going to come to your house and drink your 12-pack in a single sitting, but they are going to fill your ears with some borderline Southern stoner djent! “This Fire” is a deceptive little track that lures you in with a lilting guitar only to get you moving with a mid-paced groove for some soft-to-medium moshing.

Without further ado, we present to you, Chuggernaut’s “This Fire”!

A little about Chuggernaut via their official press release.

Chuggernaut is heavy music distilled down to its most primal elements: crushing riffs, throat-tearing vocals, and locked-in powerhouse drums. Formed mid-2013 in Boston by guitarist Dave Cohen and singer Jeff Gard, Chuggernaut was born from their late-night beer and whiskey-fueled jam sessions. And from the primordial chaos; the first fledgling riffs emerged. Dave, having played in numerous technical metal and extended-range bands before, was eager to apply the full range of his 8-string guitars to Jeff’s unique voice, and to use the ‘modern’ instrument for refreshingly classic metal songwriting. The music that resulted blurred the lines between hard rock and metal, with elements of stoner, alternative and progressive influence. Soon after these ideas had solidified, bassist Eric Alper and drummer Blaize Collard joined the band to complete the lineup and get the first batch of songs ready for the stage. After a year of sharing bills with countless bands in the MA heavy-metal scene, developing an electrifying live show, writing music and refining their sound, Chuggernaut entered the studio to begin recording their self-produced debut EP First Batch. The 5-track album is a self-described “riff-tornado” that sounds like “an alcoholic pterodactyl driving a hearse through a tar-pit.” Due for release in early 2016, First Batch was mixed by producer Eric Alper and mastered by Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation / Allegaeon / Cephalic Carnage.) With the first music video and single, “Mutherfucker” soon to be released, Chuggernaut is ready to take to the road and share their distinctive brand of heavy metal with listeners everywhere.

We hope you enjoyed “This Fire”! Check out Chuggernaut’s first EP, First Batch, dropping on May 20th, 2016! If you dig it, consider pre-ordering First Batch in one of many flavors, including digital through Bandcamp for $4 or physically on Big Cartel by itself ($5), with a shirt ($15), with a shot glass ($10), or both ($20)!


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