If you’re into post-rock at all (and who wouldn’t be? Post-rock is great), Sioum is a band you need to be listening to. I first discovered Sioum (after missing them like three or four times) when they opened for The Proggest August tour [PHOTOS] at the tail end of last summer, featuring “Heavyblogcore” bands Wings Denied, Outrun the Sunlight, and Native Construct. I’ve since had the privilege of seeing them three times since and will probably get to see them a half-dozen more times before 2016 is out. Good dudes, good music, backed hard.

But enough talk. We’re proud to premiere “Unknown,” the sixth track from the upcoming Yet Further, Sioum’s sophomore album.

Standing as the second-longest (!!) track on Yet Further, the staccato-driven “Unknown” is an anxiety-inducing journey through a vast, uncharted void. Is it in space? Is it deep under the ocean? The earth’s crust? Through worse? Who can know? All there is is a definitive disquiet with every passing moment of “Unknown.”

To hear more of Yet Further, you can check out “Welcome to New Beginnings” on the Kickstarter page, while our buds at Arctic Drones premiered the follow-up track “…And Technological Advancements.”

Though the upcoming record has been fully funded on Kickstarter, please consider donating some of your hard-earned dolleridoos to the cause, as the perks are quite nice, with low entry costs for good rewards, including signed copies of Yet Further, a double-gatefold LP of the album, an electronic version of the album, backer-exclusive Sioum shirts designed by Shannon Poehlman, original artwork from the band on 12″x12″ canvas, an original song written just for you, and more! On top of it all, anyone who donates at the $5 tier or above gets access to a digital copy of Yet Further as soon as the Kickstarter comes to an end.

If you like what you hear with “Unknown,” please consider donating to the Kickstarter. And feel free to follow the band on all the social medias, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And don’t forget to check out their first album on Bandcamp!

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  1. Dominik Haja

    Man, has it really been six years since I am Mortal, But Was Fiend came out? This is awesome, thanks for the tip!


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