I love metalcore and hardcore music. Recently I’ve been on a huge binge where all I do every time I go to the gym is put on my playlist of hardcore bands and just lift while trying to look mean and intimidating. When that ultimately fails, I just come home and listen to it more. To Live As Wolves incorporate both genres really well, and we’re super lucky that we get to share their new EP with you today! It even has a guest spot from Davey Muise of Vanna fame, so that should be enough for you to check it out!

Elements of both metalcore and hardcore are all over this EP. From the onset it’s just heavy and catchy, with some really impressive cleans. Oh, and it has some killer breakdowns across it that really make you want to hit the pit hard. I’ve been jamming this EP since I got it, and it has become a regular staple of my gym playlist, mostly because it’s absolutely killer, but also because it makes great lifting music. Whether you’re a fan of metalcore, hardcore, or both, you’d be hard pressed to find an album that scratches that itch like this one does. Their new EP comes out Friday, so be sure to check their Facebook and Tumblr, where they have links to buy or stream their music from various platforms!!



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