Can you ever really have too many instrumental prog bands on a single tour? The Shape of Colour Tour truly aimed to find out, as we were bombarded with riff after proggy riff with the now fully-instrumental Intervals, the pleasant and airy stylings of Plini, shred maestro Angel Vivaldi, and the ever-energetic Save Us From The Archon. To top it all off, Chicago hometown heroes and Heavy Blog favorites Outrun the Sunlight were there to open the show!

Please enjoy the photos below from Reggie’s of Chicago!

Outrun the Sunlight

Save Us From The Archon

Angel Vivaldi



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  1. rattboi

    Just saw them last night in Portland. It was a great show.

    1. Save us from the Archon was too loud, and I couldn’t make out all their crazy noodling, so that was kinda disappointing.
    2. Angel Vivaldi was really fun. That being said, it did feel pretty scripted, especially since I’m looking at pictures from here that look exactly like what happened at my show. Guitar behind the head, other guitarist covering his eyes, etc. Anyways, still was fun.
    3. Plini was amazing. His supporting guys (which bands are they from? I heard someone say Helix Nebula?) were freaking great as well, especially the bassist, Simon.
    4. Intervals was so awesome. It was a treat to finally see them (him?). It was their first show in Portland ever, I guess. Played through The Shape of Colour, then did this fun encore where they just jammed for a while. Intervals guy was super personable, and everyone was having a lot of fun.

    If you have a chance to go to this tour, I highly recommend it!


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