I talk a ton about various subgeneres when doing these premieres, and there’s a method. I’m trying to identify the niche that the band in question falls in so that I can attract the right audience for them. This helps the band get as much exposure as I can possibly get them short of shouting their name from my roof (which the neighbors, as it turn out, really don’t seem too keen on me doing). Sharp Weapons, however, are hard to categorize. They play some really awesome metal that borders alternative, but also has some heavy sludge influences that make them really hard-hitting and crushing. Today we’re hosting a new song called “Co-Sleeper” off their upcoming record, and you should check it out to see what I mean!

They’re kind of a heavier Botch, if that was possible. The closing track on their self titled release, it’s a great representation of the record as a whole, and really puts on the band’s best. The album is just heavy through its entirety, and has riffs for days. It’s definitely a release that will be under the radar a bit, though it really shouldn’t be. The band has clearly shown that they can make heavy and catchy music, so it should come as no surprise when I say that you absolutely need this record on your rotation. Be sure to check for updates, as well as release and merch info, on their Facebook and their website for more info!

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  1. lagerbottoms

    great song. That Botch comparison really drew me in, and it defintiely showed.


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