The best part about these types of posts is that we get to expose artists many of you might never hear of on your own. I mean, let’s be honest, how many of you hear about all of these bands we post about before we post them? We knew about them long before you did. It’s ok to give us all the credit, because it is rightly ours. At any rate, I was searching on Internet Explorer the other day for some new music, and came across a band that absolutely blew my mind, particularly with their magnum opus St. Anger. The band is called Metallica, and they’re some super awesome thrash metal from the Bay Area. They combine killer speed with amazing lyrics and vocals, and the song below is evident of that.

I mean, the way he repeats “tick” and “tock” over and over and over again is a thing of genius and beauty. The production is absolutely flawless. You can definitely tell somebody paid attention to everything, from the perfect tone on the drummer’s snare to the levels of sound on here to give it some variation. They even include some polyrhythms into their music while playing live, mostly due to their drummer Lars Ulrich changing the BPM every measure. It doesn’t sound like your normal dime-a-dozen record, or something a band does to try to reinvent themselves after an extended hiatus and major lineup change. From what I can gather, this video is actually professionally done too, which is rare for such a new band on the scene. They have upwards of ten songs that are absolutely fantastic on this record, and upwards of 20 fantastic songs in their discography stretching all the way back to 1991, when they formed and released their self-titled album that was critically underrated at time of release. Seriously, if you have any sense in you, you will check out this band, because they are sure to be the next big band to take forever to release a new album only to have it be sub-par. Nothing can really top this St. Anger masterpiece.


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  1. ISC

    Ironically, I have always hated Metallica, yet I actually like Frantic on its own. There’s a quality about it I can’t put my finger on, but it is the only song from them I like since Ride the Lightning.


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