Prog is definitely a genre that I hold dear to my heart, particularly new prog music that combines groovy, melodic elements with ethereal guitars. Basically, I’m a sucker for prog music, and I love a lot of the new stuff that’s been coming out as of late. Stellar Circuits are a band that I am newly familiar with, and have gotten acquainted with their through their new debut EP , which is a banger. Today, however, we’re pleased to present the new video for “Penny Dreadful”! Check it out below!

This song is awesome. It’s got some really cool grooves in it and has that prog metal sound that I really enjoy. It almost sounds as if this band emerged from the Australian prog scene despite being from the US. The production both visually and musically is extremely well done, and lends itself to the quality of the song. The band mixes many different influences from across the spectrum, and its evident in their music that they are one big melting pot of inspiration, which is always a plus. be sure to follow the band on Facebook and get their new EP here!

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  1. KingdomOfApple

    Oh man, I was gonna like recommend this band to you guys ages ago after the bassist added me on Facebook and I started listening to their stuff. So damn good.


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