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I never liked the term “screamo” for some reason. Perhaps it was because everyone always asked if I “listen to screamo” when I say I listen to metal. In my

8 years ago

I never liked the term “screamo” for some reason. Perhaps it was because everyone always asked if I “listen to screamo” when I say I listen to metal. In my eyes, the two could not be farther apart, but I digress. While I might not agree, screamo is a genre that has become rather popular these days, and it has many bands in it that I actually enjoy. Up until recently, I had never heard of Gillian Carter, or even knew that they are heavily involved in the Florida screamo scene (which I feel ashamed for not being aware of considering I live in Florida). However, I was turned onto them when I got sent their new album, Dreams Of Suffocation, and it absolutely rips. If you don’t believe me, head below to check it out!

It’s a pretty good blend of everything. It’s got some really interesting vocals, which are almost black metal-y throughout the record, and it is paired nicely with the guitar work that tickles a more post-hardcore itch. As I said before, the band is relatively involved in the Florida scene, and they’re still really young, which is awesome. With a bit of refinement, there’s no reason these guys shouldn’t be huge. They have all the right aspects that can make their name a household one, but they just have to figure out how to connect all the pieces 100% correctly. Granted, they’re still finding their voice, but this is an extremely promising start for a very awesome band. Be sure to get the album when it drops from here or here and follow the band on Facebook for more band stuff! They’ll be headed out on tour at the start of May, and you can see if they’ll be stopping in your town below!

5/4 @ Olde 64 in Orlando, FL

5/5 @ Savannah, GA

5/6 @ Compass in Charleston, SC

5/7 @ Scrap Iron Bicycle Gallery in Wilmington, NC

5/8 @ Richmond, VA 5/9 @ Holy Frijoles in Balrimote, MD

5/10 @ Philly, PA 5/11 @ Bushwick Public House in Brooklyn, NY

5/12 @ The Meatlocker in Montclair, NJ

5/13 @ The Lair in Buffalo, NY

5/14 @ Taco Joint & Metal Bar in Hamilton, ON, CA

5/15 @ Buddha Basement in Toronto, ON, CA

5/16 @ Kitchener, ON, CA

5/17 @ Kalamazoo, MI

5/18 @ Fools House in Akron, OH

5/19 @ Indianapolis, IN

5/20 @ Margaritaville in Chicago, IL

5/21 @ St. Louis, MO

5/22 @ Ferguson School in Somerset, KY

5/23 @ Nashville, TN

5/24 @ Desert Island Supply Company in Birmingham, AL

5/25 @ Denton, TX

5/26 @ Fort Worth, TX

5/27 @ Austin, TX

5/28 @ San Antonio, TX

5/29 @ Houston, TX

5/30 @ Baton Rouge, LA

5/31 @ Dothan, AL

6/1 @ A&M Theatre in Panama City, FL

6/2 @ Tallahassee, FL

6/3 @ Gainesville, FL

6/4 @ Burro Bar in Jacksonville, FL

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Published 8 years ago