March 11th, 2016, Brooklyn’s own Music Hall Of Williamsburg was taken over by power violence/grindcore legends for a special one-off event. Opening the show was the much deserving Long Island grindcore locals, Mother Brain. They really owned that stage, and luckily by the time they went on, there was a decent sized crowd in the venue to witness what Long Island has to offer that isn’t pop punk or hardcore. It was great to see some friends open up for such a stacked bill. Following was Cloud Rat. They’ve been on the rise from the underground hardcore/punk scene the last couple of years, and to see them on a lineup like this was great. Although they’ve been around since 2009, it doesn’t seem like they’re stopping anytime soon, so be sure to see them when they come to your area. After Cloud Rat was Full Of Hell, and they don’t even need an introduction at this point. Full Of Hell set the overall mood for the rest of the show, but more specifically the barrage of harsh noise that was about to rattle everyone’s minds (and bodies) for the rest of the night. What felt like 5 minutes turned out to be a solid 20 minute set full of fast, heavy, in your goddamn face power violence/grindcore (whatever you want to consider them). They’re always fun to see live and considering they tour incessantly, there is no reason that you shouldn’t not have seen them yet. Following was Dropdead, and they put on such a great show. Their set felt like a typical old school punk show, and there’s no reason to doubt that they essentially played their whole discography, considering most of their songs are less than 2 minutes long. Either way, they were an absolute treat to see. Concluding the show was the legendary grindcore veterans, Pig Destroyer. Considering they seldom play shows (that aren’t festivals)/don’t ever tour, seeing Pig Destroyer is one of the best experiences one could endure. Between JR Hayes’ distinct vocals, Scott Hull’s blisteringly fast guitar playing, and Blake Harrison’s harsh noise, and Adam Jarvis’ never ending blast beats, it was such a perfect set for anyone who has never seen them before and it was quite the painful show. Enjoy the pictures below!

Mother Brain

Cloud Rat

Full of Hell


Pig Destroyer

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A recent graduate of Nassau Community College with an associates degree in liberal arts, Mark is currently a freelance photographer in the Long Island/New York City area (but travels frequently, especially if the job is worth it), and is constantly churning out riffs with his grindcore band, Blame God (who’s even playing with NAILS in March 2017). Aside from that, he is constantly searching for new bands to check out and attending/photographing shows.

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