I have to be honest; before being asked to host this video, I had never heard of AHTME, formerly The Roman Holiday. Honestly the first time I have actually listened to this band is through the video that we are premiering for you guys today. From what I understood, they were a pretty damn heavy death metal band, and after a bunch of viewings of this video, I can tell you that they indeed are very heavy. Check it out below in their new playthrough for Defeat Zeke”!

The more I listen, the more I find myself coming back for more. Playthrough videos are awesome as a musician, because you can actually see what’s going on and what their hands are doing. It shows how far musicianship has come since the early blues-influenced days of metal in terms of new musician’s endurance and ability. From what I can hear in this video, this band is not only incredibly talented but also on the verge of finding their true niche sound. They need a little tweaking to find that niche, but once they find it, they’ll strike gold with the rest of the metal world. Follow them on Facebook for more!


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