EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Watch BAILER’s Debut Music Video “The Binding”

Finishing up this week of exclusive, brain bashing content is a music video that has the potential to cause seizures and fits of guitar smashing rage. Seriously, there are hefty flashing images in this one so don’t say we didn’t warn you! On to the show. Ireland’s BAILER are already well established as a must see act in their homeland and with tunes like this, it’s crystal clear why their hype train is chugging along so sweetly. Don’t fuck about, jump over the tracks and check this beast of a debut on the double.

“The Binding” is a perfect combo of uptempo hardcore and Norma Jean style chaos; it’s obvious from the opening notes that the riffs are going to be out in full force. These are big, fat, fuck off riffs too. Norma Jean are going to have to step their game up to the level above next level for me to take heed after hearing this. It’s the unrestrained driving force that pushes this track forward into the heady lights of these kind of comparisons, a force that is perfectly pulled together by Aidan Cunningham (Murdock). Cunningham, behind the dials on this occasion, uses all of his craft and know how to jam the thickest tones together with booming live drums and crystal clear, harsh vocals. It’s the same blend of sounds that made Dead Lung such an instant classic, utilised in a different sensory environment here. The snap of the final breakdown straight up crushes fools from out of nowhere and can’t go unmentioned. There’s the mention. Boom.

This isn’t all that the BAILER boys have in store for unsuspecting ear holes. Their debut EP Shaped By The Landscape is out digitally on April 29th, with a limited run of 100 physical copies available for preorder from their Bandcamp. I’m lucky enough to have heard the whole thing (blessed, I know) and this thing kicks the proverbial butt. Listen to what everyone who’s seen them live has to say. This band are the real deal/whole f’n show/total package. Delete where appropriate.



The longer the note, the more dread

2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Watch BAILER’s Debut Music Video “The Binding”

  1. lagerbottoms Reply

    this is great.

  2. Guestachio Reply

    The whole thing sounds like a slightly less interesting Poison the Well. But that’s a wicked enough band to take inspiration/rip off from so, I’m in.

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