I get messages in my inbox every day about bands that I should check out, and I listen to all of them, despite what some people may think. I have to make sure that people are sending me quality stuff, and I also tend to let people know when stuff doesn’t gel well with me. I get tons of cool stuff every single day, and sometimes, I’m fortunate enough to host some exclusives on the site for your listening pleasure. Lower Automation is a band that I was completely unfamiliar with prior to receiving an email roughly a week ago when I got asked to host the exclusive stream of their new EP Maps. I honestly had no idea what to expect, but what I found was some seriously great mathcore. Check it out below!

The band features former members of Counterfeit, and is a great combo of mathcore with some super cool Dillinger-esque vibe to it. At parts some of the guitars also seem to take influence from early Converge, combining some unique guitar sounds with some straight up hardcore punk, which absolutely rules. Some of the songs sound like they could come straight out of the early 2000s Massachusetts hardcore scene, which is definitely not a bad thing. The band is still very young and has time to grow and expand their sound, but quite frankly, I think they’re already off to a fantastic start. Be sure to head over to their Bandcamp to preorder the album and check their Facebook for more updates!

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