The best thing about this particular platform is that it gives humble miscreants like myself the opportunity to share music I dig with a wider audience. Pretty obvious statement, I know, but when I get the chance to debut an absolutely crushing track from a band that are just beginning to create their brand, I jump on it. Without further adieu or any of the other airy fairy pish, I give you “Vultures To Feed”, the first track off the debut EP by Canada’s new decibel dealers Please Drown. Don’t use any ear protection and leave the kids unattended by the pool because this is reckless and ready to roar out of your speakers at a disgusting volume.

Riffs, meet Noise. Noise, meet Riffs. Now that we have the introduction under way, let’s add a couple more of you to this relationship – disgustingly fuzzy guitars and archaic sludge vocals. A fatal four way of characters that should definitely not have their own show because anyone that watches it will probably kill someone and/or themselves during or after. I hate the term but this really is no frills music that is as foul as it is brilliant. Opening with a Jerry Cantrell style bending riff and ending with a beatdown slower than a line at the DMV (or the Canadian equivalent, I dunno, I’m Scottish), “Vultures To Feed” is just a big, fuck off track featuring all of the elements that make sludge and doom just so damn endearing. No lingering overdubs here, just fat riffs and crashing drums. If you want carnal and depraved, you’ve already found it. Stop looking.

Please Drown will release their debut four track EP before too long and you can bet that we’ll let you know when. Until then, throw them some love and keep swinging those giant fists in the air. Remember, you headbang along to the bass when listening to doom/sludge music (thanks Eden!).


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  1. Peebody


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    Great track boys. Really created something new here. Just sonic madness. Can’t even tell what’s going on its so mad. Oh boy. So evil. So mad. So evil. Woaaaaaah.


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