Crazy violin shredding, bass tapping solo’s ringing clear, dual guitars, an exquisite mix of harsh and clean vocals, all backed by some of the fastest drumming around are all the pieces that make Ne Obliviscaris worth more than the sum of their parts. You would think that a six piece group would have problems with a great live sound, but not here. Both guitars, bass, and two vocalists were blended perfectly. If NeO had a super power, it would be the ability to leave everybody in the room speechless. They had a short 3 song set but won over a lot of fans that night.

Insert John Cleese saying “And now for something completely different” as Butcher Babies hit the stage.

To say that everybody went ape shit is an understatement. When two frontwomen in skin tight outfits scream at the crowd and tell them to “wake the hell up, cause we are gonna hit hard,” it sure happens. An absolutely insane amount of energy as frontwomen Carley and Heidi windmilled, danced, and stepped on the heads of fans (for pleasure, surely) was insane. Playing a great mix from both their albums had the crowd thrashing for a full hour.

Headliners Cradle of Filth packed the venue and put on an incredibly tight show. Dani Filth‘s vocals were very impressive. His piercing screams were literally something I’ve never heard before. Their stage presence had a dark effect on the room and made the crowd thrash and sing like a cult from horror film. Their hunting riffs and power proved why Cradle of Filth has the following they do. They had the crowd sucked in while playing favorites From their entire catalog. Kudos to Cradle for a well produced and surprising performance.

Enjoy the photos below!

Ne Obliviscaris

Butcher Babies

Cradle of Filth

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