Happy Monday everyone! So recently I was introduced to the band Aviations, and their super awesome style of prog metal that combines many traditional elements, but also some very non-traditional ones, including a glockenspiel. Seeing as I am a huge prog nerd, I jumped at the chance to host these guys on the site, and today we have a new video for you! It’s for their song “Intents In Tents”, and punny title aside, it’s really a great song that shows off the band’s strengths. Check it out!

It’s got some very cool elements that cover influences from Between The Buried And Me, and various nu-prog bands such as Plini and Chon. There’s also a super snazzy jazz part in the middle that sounds like something Hiromi Uehara would have on one of her recordings, and I think it’s great. Oh, not to mention the ending breakdowns kick ass. The band really have combined elements from different sounds to make the song work, and they have tons of potential that they are actually using to the best of their abilities, which is rare for such a young band. New music is on the horizon, so follow the band on Facebook, where they also are accepting auditions for a new guitarist and bassist! You can email them at [email protected] to send your videos in.


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