Black metal has had so many different offshoots in recent years that it becomes hard to keep track. Bands from all across the spectrum of metal have taken influence one way or the other, and it shows in their music. Despite these bands, however, it’s still great to hear bands cranking out raw, angry, hellish black metal with no frills and no gimmicks. AHP are one of these bands, and they are getting ready to unleash their upcoming album Against Human Plague for the world to hear. After hearing the entire album, it’s evident this band means business. If you need any more proof than my recommendation, head below to check out an exclusive premiere of “Unleashed The Storms” from the album!

This band sounds as if they could have fit in right with the second wave of black metal back in the early 90s, albeit with much better production and a much larger overall sound. From what I’ve read about the band, and from the songs I heard while listening to the album, I can tell you right now that this band is 100% serious about creating vitriolic, sadistic black metal, and that’s awesome. I love this kind of music, and I anticipate spinning this record for a long time. While the band are not necessarily treading new ground with this release, they are definitely continuing the treand the founders of black metal left before them by creating a very interesting and near religious experience, filled with agony and hatred. The full album drops February 21st via Via Nocturna, so be sure to head to their Bandcamp and pick it up!



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