February 13th, 2016, Rhode Island concluded a tour that lasted about 2 weeks, a tour of which had an amazing but eclectic lineup. Opening the show was the new supergroup DRIFTOFF (featuring members of members from Rosetta, Junius). Although they weren’t on the tour, DRIFTOFF kicked off the show with a great start.

What’s cool about them is that you can hear both Rosetta and Junius influences in their music, but with a twist. We at Heavy Blog are excited to see where this band goes in the future (hint: they’re gonna go far). Following was O’Brother. Seeing O’Brother is always a treat because when they tour, they get on some wacky routes, even though this show was 3 and a half hours from home. Last time they were on Long Island was 2012 or 2013, and their live show is still just as good, if not better since then. After O’Brother was Caspian. Caspian is a special band that everyone needs to see live. Trying to put into words what their show is like is nearly impossible. So much raw emotion, so many layers, so enthralling. Plus, their light show is great, it really matches their sound. Finally, Defeater ends the night and the co-headlining tour. Defeater are always fun live, and this show really was a special night. It felt like the crowd built up their energy from Caspian’s set, and then just let loose for Defeater. Enjoy the pictures below!





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  1. Annabella

    Pictures aren’t showing up, really sad, my fiancé proposed that night during defeater, Derek even said “this one goes to AJ and his girl” and I have no video or photos, I’m always searching. I know its been three years.. but still thought I finally was going to find something

    • Eden Kupermintz


      Our photo plugin broke sadly :( However, we can try and get you the pictures from the photographer! Do you mind emailing me at [email protected] and we can discuss further?


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