Sludge and metal with that distinct “desert fuzz” tone a la Kyuss and Sleep is some of my favorite music. It’s just got a certain aura to it that makes it incredibly heavy without having to do anything extreme like add blast beats, wanking solos, and et cetera. There’s so much music out there that has impacted my life while maintaining that classic sound that I could rattle on and on for ages about each band, but today, I’d like to focus on a new band. They’re a trio named LongFallBoots and have a new EP coming out titled You’ll Know It When It Happens. Fortunately for us, we’ve been privileged to host the entire EP today, which you can hear below!


This EP kicks some serious ass. It has a good amount of sludge stuff, but also has some moments where the band goes off on a Baroness-esque tangent where they just completely rock out as hard as possible. There’s some excellent riffage going on here, especially on the opener and title track. The song just screams to be played in an empty desert with a campfire burning and a warm summer night while you dance around after toking up. This is absolutely killer for a young band that has tons of talent and no limit to their abilities. I highly recommend this EP to anyone who loves metal, particularly sludge metal and desert rock. It’s gonna be a must have for many of you. The EP drops on this Friday, so be sure to pick it up here and follow the band on Facebook!



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  1. KingdomOfApple

    That description of that ‘fuzz’ is on point. I don’t typically listen to this sort of metal, but this was nice.


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