I’ve got a softer side, believe it or not. While it’s mostly body fat leftover from eating too many Kit Kat’s and M&M’s, below it lies a man who thoroughly enjoys his post rock, especially that which falls on the “emo” side. Bands such as This Town Needs GunsThe World is A Beautiful Place…, and American Football are all some absolutely stellar emo bands that use elements of post-rock in their sound to create something gorgeous. Now, we have a young new band on our hands that go by Aniqatia, and we’re here to premiere a new song from them, entitled “February”, so check it out!


In regards to the track, the band had this to say:

“February” was chosen as the first single off of Luminous because it takes all the varying dynamics found on the EP and combines them into a roller-coaster of a song. The track contains a little bit of everything that we pride ourselves in as a band and we are eager to share it with everyone.

Lyrically, “February” explores naturalistic themes about the harsh Winter we had last year here in Pennsylvania. Most of the writing for Luminous happened during that very long and frustrating Winter, which gave way to the ominous tones that can be heard on “February” and throughout the rest of the EP.


I dig it. Their EP is great and I can only imagine the future for these guys once they refine their sound and find their one true niche within this rapidly expanding genre. You heard what it’s about, you heard the song, and so now you should make sure you follow them on Facebook to hear more updates! Here’s some tour dates the band will be on soon!

2/21 – Brooklyn, NY @ Black Bear Bar

2/27 – Staten Island, NY @ Deep Tanks, Inc.

3/19 – Philadelphia, PA @ Oxford Lounge

3/24 – Bethlehem, PA @ Club Gravity

4/13 – Allentown, PA @ The Alternative Gallery

4/16 – Frackville, PA @ Operation Rebuild Nepal Festival



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