Remi! Remi, we love you. Seriously, Rémi Gallego (AKA The Algorithm) is one of the more exciting artists around. Whether he deals in poppy and infectious, game-inspired bangers or heavier blends of electro and metal, his tracks are always varied, interesting and original. It seems as if, after a bit of a break from his previous release Octopus4, his career is ready for its next step forward. This year, Rémi will not only be releasing a new album, Brute Force, but also touring extensively across Europe, a tour sponsored by none other than ourselves! We have dates for that tour down below but also a new track from the selfsame album, “floating point”. Needless to say, its lush, groovy and extremely powerful. Let’s get to it!

The track starts off normally enough with the kind of furious, computerized sound we’ve grown accustomed to. The backing guitar and drums are heavier however, reminding us of sounds heard at the end of “un dernier combat” from Octopus4. The guitar bridge nearer the one minute mark hints towards a new tone, an 80’s tinged fuzz that will come fully to light later in the track. For now, we dive deeper into the cyberpunk spaces of the track, with the electronics trading breaks and shifts with the drum/guitar combos, creating lines that are heavy and groovy at the same time. The guitar we mentioned comes in to break all that at two minutes and twenty seconds and boy, is it glorious!

Evoking theme songs to 80’s action flicks, the tone is so emotional that it steals the show. It gets backing parts soon from the drums and a second guitar lead but it maintains its dominance. You must be asking yourself, how will all this work live? Well, you can find out for yourself! As we mentioned, The Algorithm is touring Europe and his (their, as he is supported by live drums and often, guitar) show is pretty damn amazing. We’ll link the poster below as we’re immensely proud to be sponsoring this exciting round of shows. In the meantime, starting preparing yourself for the onslaught that Brute Force is shaping up to be; we can’t wait!



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