Usually when I write about a show, I try to break it up into sections, touching on the memorable moments of each band’s set so to provide a general recap for those who weren’t there, and to give my photos more context. While I certainly don’t enjoy every single genre out there, I do try to stay somewhat objective in my criticism of live music, because I know exactly what it’s like being in a band, and understand just how many different variables one has to account for in a live scenario in order for things to go smoothly. It wasn’t until seeing this particular show, however, that I really ran into trouble. I found myself really searching (to the true extent of the word) for something positive to report, racking my brain for anything articulate and insightful that conveyed my feelings towards this show without simply writing “This was a goddamn waste of 3 1/2 hours.”

I was asked by the person who organized this show if I was interested in coming along to photograph and review the event’s proceedings. I happily obliged; the last thing I photographed was nearly two months ago so it made a lot of sense to me at the time. Fast forward to the night of the gig, I shuffle into the venue exhausted from working all day, just as the first band is walking onto the stage. Admittedly, my opinion was heavily influenced by my pre-existing bad mood, but I really struggled to find something I liked amidst the pop-punk choruses, uninspired breakdowns and the entirely unneeded addition of reverb laden ambient sections, which barely felt like an afterthought at the best of times. Unfortunately, this set the precedent for the remainder of the show.

There was a huge light show, choreographed stage performances, and each guitarist either had an Axe FX/Kemper or an array of pedals meticulously arranged. So much thought had gone into the production and image of the live show and yet what was the one crucial element that was lacking throughout? The incredibly stale, derivative approach to the musical composition. But hey, who am I to judge how people spend their lives? The human race is but a minute speck of dust on an otherwise infinite timeline, and people can spend it doing sick jump kicks If they so wish.



Far West Battlefront

The Brave




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