I am quite a large fan of death metal, particularly the kind that has a mix of old and new school death. I’m talking mixing Cannibal Corpse-esque guitar riffs and vocals with some sweet tech death riffs that trade spots back and forth. I think it really makes for some of the coolest and most fun death metal, particularly when you go to see a show live. It’s definitely some of the best circle pit and moshing music. Good thing then that we have this premiere for you; it scratches just that itch. Cult Of Litlith bring all of that to the table and more, fusing two different generations of death metal to create one super heavy sound. They have a new EP coming out entitled Arkanum and you can check out a brand spankin’ new song below!

Seriously, what’s not to enjoy here? If you’re a fan of death metal, I can almost guarantee you’ll be a fan of this band. This Icelandic group really has made a name for themselves in their local scene, but have been relatively unknown internationally, until now at least. I’ve never heard anything this heavy come out of Iceland, and nobody would even think to look there for a great death metal band. At any rate, I’m excited for you guys to hear the whole EP, which absolutely kills. Pick it up on January 22nd, and be sure to follow their Facebook for updates, including live dates!



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