I had the pleasure of being able to see and shoot photos of Native Construct, Intronaut, Enslaved, and Between the Buried and Me at the Baltimore stop of The Coma Ecliptic Tour III on December 16th, 2015. This show was a great way to end my concert season for 2015. Below you will find my photographs and thoughts on the performances.

Native Construct, though being the youngest band on the package, stole the show. Despite some mixing errors which could be attributed to the venue sound staff or to the band’s direct-in live rig, they pulled off a masterful recreation of four tracks from their debut album. Singer, Robert Edens, displayed stage presence and charisma that I had never seen before from such a young band. Hopefully their success on this stacked tour package will lead them to even better tour in the future.

The rest of the bands that performed on this tour package set their tone through stage energy and crowd engagement. Intronaut, on the other hand, set their tone by constructing an atmosphere characterized by mystery and uncertainty. What Intronaut lacked in stage movement was made up for by an atmosphere created by the combination of dim/moody lighting, fog effects, and the sound of the music. Intronaut definitely had a unique set that both sounded and looked great. I look forward to seeing more of them in the future.

December 16th marked the second time that I was fortunate enough to see Enslaved perform. The thing that set Enslaved apart from the rest of the bands was their ability to own the crowd and put on a truly engaging performance, which is to be expected from their now 25 years of experience as a band. Overall, Enslaved put on an energetic set and their lighting matched the dark atmosphere of their music quite well.

Between the Buried and Me played a fantastic set that captured the essence of some of their greatest songs spanning from Alaska through Coma Ecliptic. From my vantage point in the photo pit, I could tell that the members of the band were truly enjoying themselves and were enjoying the connection that they quickly built with the crowd. This was the first BTBAM set that I was actually able to stay through to the very end. While it was a great set with some great songs, it felt a little too drawn out and dragging for my tastes. The rest of the crowd, however, was faithful to the band all the way through the encore of BTBAM’s almost 90 minute set.

Native Construct



Between the Buried and Me

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