As you could probably guess, this week is all about discussing our favorite albums from 2015. However, we decided to have a few special guests also discuss their top 10

8 years ago

As you could probably guess, this week is all about discussing our favorite albums from 2015. However, we decided to have a few special guests also discuss their top 10 albums from the year, and why they placed where they did. Next up, we have Chris from So Hideous, who’s latest record made it onto our top 50, and rightfully so! Check out his picks below!


Starting off this list is fellow label mates Tempel. This album does it for me, I love the mix, the tone of the guitars and the freedom of the song writing. The first track “Carvings On The Door” gives a good summary of what these guys are about. Technical, black, groove, etc. It also helps that they have some excellent cover art. Pick this up if you haven’t already.


After falling off the face of the earth and various side projects, Refused finally came back and basically destroyed everyone who did their best to replicate them in their absence. Freedom is an excellent album straight through. I finally had the ability to see them when they toured this record, and there’s no denying the fact that they are masters of their craft.


This band does it so well. Doom, epic, heavy, etc. This EP is on this list because it’s excellent and you need this 4 song banger in your life.


Silversun Pickups will always be a favorite of mine. Their latest album Better Nature continues with the same mold of SSPU: catchy hooks, great tones and dance tempos. The only difference with this album is that they seem to have dipped their toes into more electronic waters, which they did surprisingly seamlessly.


This album went under the radar and should be receiving all sorts of praises. The mixture of various genres lends to this undefinable albums sonic success. Maynard, as always, sounds incredible. Give this a listen and you’ll be immediately hooked.


Death Grips is not for everyone. They have this disjointed style of hiphop that is more for the alternative scene then the hiphop scene. Regardless, seeing them live first and hearing the album secondly is what sold me on it. They have an excellent live presence and I think it translates to the record. Give it a listen.


This guy makes hits. That’s all that needs to be said.


I first heard this record while on tour this year. I have to be honest, I didn’t understand a single word this man was saying in the beginning, but you cannot deny those beats! The production on this album is incredible and eventually I’ve learned to realize Future‘s approach is casually technical, which probably doesn’t make sense, but he spawned various future clones who are not quite successful. Regardless, DS2 is worth buying. Drive around with it and just try not to like it. It’s hard not to.


Envy has never come out with a bad album and their latest Atheist’s Cornea is no different. Their ability to create such beautiful and thought provoking music is refreshing, intimidating and overwhelmingly inspiring.


Its been a long time since I’ve heard an album that didn’t need multiple listens to become a personal favorite. On the first run-through of this record I knew it was going to be my favorite one of the year, and an instant classic. Cattle Decapitation doesn’t allow you to take a break on this record. Every song is just as insane as the next. The quality of Travis’ vocal approach is inspiring and unmatched in the metal industry. If you haven’t heard this album, simply speaking, you’re fucking up.

Stay tuned! We have three more guest lists to come this week!

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Published 8 years ago