Heavy Blog favorites Mandroid Echostar are on the cusp of a new release in Coral Throne, dropping January 15th, 2016.

The Canadian progressive act, like a meeting between Coheed and Cambria and Protest the Hero, are going strong after their 2013 release in Citadels. Coral Throne is shaping up to be an excellent record, if this new track “Iron Hands” is anything to go by.

What a ripping song. Thanks, Canada!

You can pre-order Coral Throne in one of three flavors—the album and some stickers; the album, a shirt, stickers, and instant downloads of the album singles; or the big bundle which has all of the aforementioned goods, plus a hoodie and a beanie!

Pre-order here!



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  1. A in a Dupuis

    Holy Schnikes this song my my dick as hard as diamond :) ;) Go Canada Go :) ;)


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