In our effort to collide the worlds of heavy metal and video games, we are bringing you another delicious tidbit in Death Goat, a twin-stick shooter for PC and Mac by Terminal Press!

What separates Death Goat from others of its ilk isn’t its gameplay, but its ripping heavy metal soundtrack. Game creator Brian Ferrara is a big fan of heavy music, so it was a treat to find out that he’s been a Heavy Blog reader for some time now! We were ecstatic to find out that blog favorites Dethlehem, The Raven Autarchy, Byzantine, Bloodshot Dawn, and Between the Buried and Me would be appearing on the newly released title. But that’s not all! Several other great artists are included on the soundtrack, with more to come in future updates!

On top of it all, purchases of the game will fuel further development of the title (as it’s in Early Access and may remain that way for some time), but any soundtrack sales will all be funneled back to the artists who appear in the game!


Ferrara’s hope with Death Goat was to help gamers discover heavy metal songs and musicians that they may have not found out about on their own. Hey, that sounds an awful lot like what we do here on Heavy Blog! A match made in heaven.

Death Goat is available right now on Steam for $2.99 and is compatible with PC and Mac platforms. Its soundtrack is available for $6.99, as well!

Here’s the kicker:

You can win one of ten codes from us!

How, you ask?

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'Like' us on Facebook and share this post to win one of ten Steam codes for Death Goat, the heavy metal twin-stick…

Posted by Heavy Blog Is Heavy on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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